Why You Should Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Service?

Professionals have all the right tools to do the job right, from ladders to sprayers. Plus, they understand how to handle various window types and can avoid causing damage to the glass or frame.

They also know how to get rid of hard water spots and streaks that often form after cleaning. And they can spot problems like poorly-fitted screens, sashes that are painted shut, or rotting sills. Read this first!

Interior Windows

Many homeowners who attempt to clean their own windows think they have the job done when they spray their windows with cleaners such as Windex and wipe them down with paper towels. However, a professional washing can remove hard water spots that never seem to wash away and leave windows looking less than perfect.

Most cleaning companies charge by the number of windows cleaned, but some offer discounts for larger homes or multiple-story houses. Some also include the cost of cleaning sills, tracks, and screens.

Before they wet your windows, professional window washers usually sweep away loose dirt and cobwebs with a brush. They then apply a solution and use a squeegee to remove excess moisture. To avoid streaks, they work from the top down to prevent drips, and they dry the windows with a squeegee or clean, lint-free towel. They are also trained to not scrub too hard at surfaces, so your screens, frames, and sills won’t get scratched or damaged.

Exterior Windows

A professional will use a scrub brush and squeegee to remove dirt, leaving your windows streak-free. They also have access to powerful water-fed poles that can reach even hard-to-reach windows without the need for ladders.

Severely dirty windows may require a second cleaning pass or a special product with vinegar to ensure they are completely clean. This extra work adds time and cost to the job, so it is important to understand these factors when getting quotes from different cleaners.

It’s important to hire a window cleaning company that offers bundled pricing for multiple services like gutter cleaning and window tinting. This can help you save money and make sure all your house maintenance needs are taken care of with a single visit. Ask each cleaner if they offer bundled pricing, and if there are any additional or specialty services that might increase the price. Also, be sure to discuss the condition and placement of your windows as this can affect how easy or difficult it is for a cleaner to reach them.

High-Rise Windows

Professional high-rise window cleaning services require a great deal of specialized equipment to be effective. They also need a great deal of experience to be effective in the field. This includes knowing how to properly attach each piece of equipment, how to scale the building safely, and how to use the equipment effectively.

A bosun’s chair is one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment for high-rise windows. It features a seat that a person can sit in and ropes that are used to raise and lower the individual while they are washing windows. This is a much safer and less obstructive option than stage scaffolding or ladders.

Weather is another factor that can make it harder for high-rise window cleaners to do their job. Wind can cause issues with the stability of scaffolding or suspended platforms, and heat waves can lead to dehydration or even heat stroke for those working on a roof or in an elevated position.


When windows go too long between cleaning, they can attract pests. Bees and hornets often erect nests behind window shutters, and wasps like to move in next to storm windows. Ladybugs also like to set up shop in window channels. All of these insects are more than just unsightly; they can make it hard to use windows. A professional window cleaner will wash away bug infestations and any mess they leave behind, keeping your family safe from bug bites and making it easier to use windows.

Keeping windows clean also extends their life. Window cleaners can wash off corrosive contaminants that break down window seals, eat away at screens, and cause grimy deposits on glass panes. In addition, removing dirt and debris from the track helps windows open and close easily and prevents damage to hinges. This is especially important in high-rise buildings where windows are constantly exposed to the elements. Window cleaners can also spot potential problems before they become a safety hazard. These include sashes that are painted shut, broken screens, or rotting sills. Next blog post.



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